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Saucy Help!

The Process of Sauce

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Help with a difficult room layout, please!
diosabellissima wrote in saucyhelp
Hello, my fabulous friends!

I have been overwhelmed with my bedroom layout since I moved in ages ago. All the walls but one have either huge windows or two sets of doors. The room is a decent size, but all that stuff on the walls makes arranging in a nice way difficult. Here is how things are now:

  • The "north" wall has three doors--- on the right side are double doors that are the main doors to my room and to the left is a single door to my bathroom (the bathroom door swings out, not into the room like it looks like there- all other doors swing into  the room).
  • The "east" wall has a 10 ft or so window -- maybe 4 ft high
  • The "west" wall has two single doors, each leading into my walk in closet.

  • On the "west" wall- that's a giant armoir with a tv in it. I'm thinking of getting rid of the armoir all together (I don't need the drawers, my closet is huge) and getting a flat screen and hanging it on the "north" wall, between the doors.
  • I want to trade up my full size bed to a queen, if at all possible. I'm thinking of making my own padded headboard.
  • The little desk on the "south" wall is necessary because it's where I do my makeup. It has a big mirror on top, so that makes placing it in the room difficult. It's a small desk- like 100 years old, so it can be squeezed into a small area if I need to. I thought about putting the desk in front of the windows, but then the mirror will block out a huge part of the window.
  • The big chair-- I love the big chair. Love love love it. That said, it is a big, huge, leather chair. So, that's another difficulty.

Aside from the general lay out, my issue is that I have problems imagining furniture any other way except flat against the wall. I think floating furniture looks SO COOL, I just have no idea how to do it. Ultimately, I'd like my bed and makeup areas, but a little sitting area with my giant chair would be fabulous, too. Maybe a rug would help define the areas?

If it helps, here are some photos from the week we moved into the house. I repainted the green a nice mocha color and brightened up the white some.

West Wall

North Wall

East Wall

I'm thinking something like this for the new layout, at least with the bed and TV. When it comes to the desk and chair though? Totally lost. I'm not too hot on what I have below for either.  

My style? I love a luxe but clean, comfy style. Ornate but not over the top. Girlie because hey, I'm single and can have that Paris apartment look in my room :)

Thank you so much for your help! Seriously! I know this is such a long post. I need help!


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If both doors lead into the same closet, have you thought about just not using one? Even if you don't actually put furniture in front of it, not worrying about keeping enough space to get into the closet could be helpful.

They do, but the closet sort of has two. . . chambers. I suppose that's the best way to describe it. I imagine it was built as a his and hers closet- even though it IS open all the way through, it's not meant to be walked through, I don't think. I mean, I can, it's just not ideal.

OK - LOTS of doors - and without some structural changes, there's still some great things you could do with this layout...

1. While mirror and desk are necessary (and nice) to do makeup on, does sit have to be that *particular* table? Could you fit a smaller table (keeping the current mirror) into that nook on the west wall (the one where it touches the north wall?

2. Alternately, put the current makeup table/mirror where the old armoire was - and center the bed on southern wall.

I really like the chair in front of the windows (makes for lovely back light for reading))

3. Another idea: put bed on East wall, in middle of windows, tv on west wall (where armoire was) and chair on north wall (where it was) - leaving the Eastern wall open for makeup table/mirror and another works space should you want it!

AND - what program are you using for layout? I'd LOVE to snag something like that!!!


Wow, what a closet :)

Will the bed fit between the two closet doors? That's where I would have put it. :)

What about some really nice curtains instead of the doors for the walk in closet? You could choose a gorgeous fabric to set off the furniture and your overall style, it'll soften the look of the room and you also won't have to worry about doors swinging out.

I would put the bed in front of the window (headboard up against the window). TV on the wall across from the window. And a little setting area in front of the TV and just sorta ignore the rest of the room.

That closet is love. Your room and the part of the house/apartment I can see seems very nice

Might I suggest putting your armoire on the wall with the double doors/bathroom door or getting something that would fit. I would put the bed directly across from that and your makeup station between the two closets.

The best bed arrangement I ever had put the headboard of the bed against a big window. I could read with no reading light. I was gently woken by daylight. I could have a cool breeze over me while lying in bed. I recommend this.

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