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Exterior House Help!

Okay Saucies! I have a question for you, after I do a little explaining!

My mother's house is in dire need of a paint job, and while I'm living in it I'm giving her a helping hand by doing all the work that's required.

The house is about 70 years old, but we'd like to make the outside match the inside - colourful, welcoming and fun!

The house is in pretty bad shape right now, and with running a daycare from the house I haven't had much time to do anything other than try to keep the weeds in the flower beds under control and mow the lawn.

This is (obviously) the front of the house. I'll be fixing the parging, and front steps (re-cementing them, and sealing them - I can't afford to knock them out and build wooden ones at the moment)

Now the roof has been recently (last 5 years) redone, and we - of course - are trying to find colours that match the blue shingles.

Side of the house, better view of the shingle colour - I looked to see if HomeDepot still had them on their website but apparently they do not.

However, they're about this shade of blue -

If you'll excuse the kid peeking out the window, you'll see the window frames and storm windows need a LOT of work (I have glass to replace in several of them).

And lastly (for pictures) are colours -
These are colours we had thrown around for the exterior of the house.

And here are my questions:
1) Do you think painting the stucco a colour (instead of white/off white) is a good idea? If yes, what colours would you suggest?
2) What is your suggestion for the window frames and storm windows - same colour? Different colour? Coloured frame, white storm windows?
3) What other colours would you suggest? Keeping in mind I plan to use only Behr paints (you can look at their colour samples on their website. If you find a colour you think I should look at PLEASE leave me the name and the number/code so the next time I'm in HomeDepot I can grab the actual colour samples.

This project is going to be a HUGE undertaking (probably all summer) so I don't want to do it wrong!
Tags: color, doors, exterior, fixing/disguising, outdoor_areas, paint, repair, windows
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