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Exterior House Help!
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ambiguous_yeti wrote in saucyhelp
Okay Saucies! I have a question for you, after I do a little explaining!

My mother's house is in dire need of a paint job, and while I'm living in it I'm giving her a helping hand by doing all the work that's required.

The house is about 70 years old, but we'd like to make the outside match the inside - colourful, welcoming and fun!

The house is in pretty bad shape right now, and with running a daycare from the house I haven't had much time to do anything other than try to keep the weeds in the flower beds under control and mow the lawn.

This is (obviously) the front of the house. I'll be fixing the parging, and front steps (re-cementing them, and sealing them - I can't afford to knock them out and build wooden ones at the moment)

Now the roof has been recently (last 5 years) redone, and we - of course - are trying to find colours that match the blue shingles.

Side of the house, better view of the shingle colour - I looked to see if HomeDepot still had them on their website but apparently they do not.

However, they're about this shade of blue -

If you'll excuse the kid peeking out the window, you'll see the window frames and storm windows need a LOT of work (I have glass to replace in several of them).

And lastly (for pictures) are colours -
These are colours we had thrown around for the exterior of the house.

And here are my questions:
1) Do you think painting the stucco a colour (instead of white/off white) is a good idea? If yes, what colours would you suggest?
2) What is your suggestion for the window frames and storm windows - same colour? Different colour? Coloured frame, white storm windows?
3) What other colours would you suggest? Keeping in mind I plan to use only Behr paints (you can look at their colour samples on their website. If you find a colour you think I should look at PLEASE leave me the name and the number/code so the next time I'm in HomeDepot I can grab the actual colour samples.

This project is going to be a HUGE undertaking (probably all summer) so I don't want to do it wrong!

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Your mother's house is adorable! I like the idea of leaving the house white and going bold on the trim and doors. I would do orange for the door, everything that is white now use the green and then the purple where you have the old green. And switch the house numbers to something larger and more colorful.

Oh I like your suggestion!

I have bought new numbers and intend on making a number/name plate as soon as I have the time. Something to fit the style of the house - as well as change out the porch light for something more appropriate than a bare light bulb! LOL

I actually think that lemongrass color could be interesting on the stucco - although something a bit more on the green side may be better (like 410D-5 or 410D-6). You could then work with deep red/maroon and deep blue trim colors, it would be a really nice look.

Whatever you do, definitely try out sample paint pots first, and paint multiple coats. I think it's good to do this with any paint project but I'd especially recommend it with Behr paints - IME their colors "read" really strangely on a chip versus on a wall and the paint tends to need a few coats to get a true color match. I've done a lot of painting in the last few years (two whole house renovations) and ended up parting ways with Behr after a very frustrating third repainting of the same room.

I think the Lemongrass would be nice! We'd like to do something that makes the house POP.

Really? I've never had any trouble with Behr, it's all I've used in this house - three rooms painted in total. Maybe you just have someone mixing them who isn't very good... or you're not using the proper primer (I used the paint/primer in one). I've done a lot of painting as well, and other than Ralph Lauren paint I haven't found a brand I liked to use better. The colour we're doing the living room I got the sample pot for, and even one coat of paint (while it didn't cover the old colour completely) was true to the sample.

Nah, I've painted 15 rooms in the past 3 years and haven't had the same problem with other brands of paint, so I don't think it's user error :). The paint with primer is a new product though so maybe they've improved their formulation, good to know!

What brands do you tend to use? I do like Behr, and I do like their paint and primer (It covered my high school bedroom walls, which were a deep red in two coats of a nice turquoise, and the black trim with a white in three)... but I have found colours I like in the Martha Stewart paints - but I don't want to waist that much money only to be unsatisfied with the paint.

Benjamin Moore is supposed to be good too... but I've never used it.

This was the colours of my bedroom before (the red paint is Ralph Lauren and the black was some cheap crap I got from the local hardware store to do my dressers and decided to do the trim as well)

And this was after, with the Behr paints. The wall colour is Calibri, the ceiling is Heavy Cream, and the trim Bleached Linen. The walls and ceiling covered in two coats of their respective colours and the trim in three.

those are really lovely, vivid colors! they look like they covered quite nicely - I'm guessing the built in primer makes a huge difference.

I've never used Martha Stewart paint. I used Ralph Lauren once- a really deep saturated red similar to the one in your picture above - and had decent luck with it. I had bad luck with Glidden paint in a high traffic area, so won't be using that again. I've done OK with True Value paint on a few projects.

Benjamin Moore is my favorite paint. I've used all of the different lines except Natura and I've been really happy (although Aura is obscenely expensive now, and kind of a pain in the neck to work with as it's very thick). I'm happy with it in high traffic areas - it stands up really well to dog slobber, no problem removing pen marks with magic eraser either!

I've never used Sherwin Williams paint as I don't have a store nearby, but I know they are good too.

I once lived in a cute, small, stucco house that was painted a wonderful shade of PURPLE! I can't recommend a colour, because you would have to go with your own tastes, but something that has more blue in it leaning toward periwinkle, as opposed to say, eggplant. I think you should just go for it and do something that pops, and keep the door and windows white.

I tried to suggest purple to my mom, she figures it'll look overpowering with the blue roof... I think it'd look fantastic!!

I think it would look awesome with the blue roof! You could also keep the trim all white and do a grey door, which would break up the colour a bit more. I saw a picture of that somewhere today (minus the blue roof) and it looked great.

Out of these purples, which one(s), are you thinking?


Then I can get samples today while I'm at Home Depot. LOL

In the "Purple 2" chips, I would go for something like the blue-purples beside the whites, or the purple chip that's third from the left beside where it says "saturated". You should definitely post pictures of your "after" efforts!

Your windows are also *fabulous*. We have some great giant bay windows we will one day have restored, and upstairs we have some old rickety ones that are full of excellent character, but are so broken (and one of them was home made, apparently!) and crappy that we are just not bothering and having them replace with vinyl windows. I will miss the character, but not the frozen winter nights.

We keep talking about replacing them, but it costs WAY too much money... so instead when I take the storm windows out I'm going to make sure everything is sanded and sealed properly before I put anything back in. Hopefully that will get rid of some of our more freezing winter nights.

THAT and we discovered some black out pannel curtains that work like a dream both to keep out light, and heat... AND cold drafts!

Heavy curtains will definitely help, also, that plastic stuff that you stick to the edges of the frames and then blow dry to tighten it up also seemed to help our first winter here, which was unusually cold for our area. Not the most attractive solution, but who cares when you're freezing your butt off!

I ended up doing that on some of the windows last winter, but we're window people - we like them open all the time, so I had to limit it to the back porch and the bathroom.

I honestly think orange would constrast nicely with the blue roof. I think a dark color with a dark roof would just be way too dark.

I'd do a dark slate-y grey with really white trim/frames

I think a slate gray would be pretty to paint the stucco. That with the purple trim would be attractive. I think they'd both go really well with the roof color.

Okay...I tried using the Behr website and it made me want to pull my hair out. lol

Something like these colors:

LOL Oh Flash Websites!

That's actually pretty much the colour of the bathroom. LMAO

Something this colour?

Something like that, yes. I think it'd compliment the colors really well. I also don't know what zone you live in but hydrangea bushes would look amazing in the front.

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