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hiding a radiator...
red tea (by me)
trishtrash wrote in saucyhelp
Hello everyone, first time posting, but I doubt it'll be the last, as we're going to be redecorating the master bedroom over the next few months with a shabby-chic / mango wood / warm grey & cream colour theme.

While I'm prepared to redecorate from floor to ceiling, I really don't want to have to move or change the radiator. I would like to hide, disguise, or do something saucy with it, though, as it's an old, boring white flat panel radiator that takes up almost the whole width of the wall under the window. - all the covers available locally seem to be the same standard MDF grille design, and the more original ones don't reach the width (it's a six foot one + a few centimetres for the TRV, pipes and valve).

Does anyone have any cheap hacks, novel ways to cover a radiator, or even moderately expensive ideas that look like they're worth it?

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Have you tried Pinterest? There's probably a few how to conceal guides in there.

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I did find a couple on pinterest that might be interesting if I can find/make something similar. Thanks for the idea.

I'm in the UK, but I've been bimbling about on similar sites; the ones that offer a customisation option are my back-up plan if I can't find anything saucier! thanks for the link!

You can paint them the same color as the wall so they disappear a little bit.

Your question made me think of this: part 1, part 2. Seems relatively simple and easy to customize, at least.

That is really well done - I will probably resort to ham-fisting a version of this, eventually, though I doubt I'll achieve as nice a result. For one thing, our radiator doesn't sit discretely in a corner, it sprawls along one long wall like it owns the place. Thanks for the link; I shall definitely use it as my guide if I resort to making it myself!

What about framing it out and covering it with an overlay -

Oooh, thanks for the link - I've never seen this stuff before. Possibilities!

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