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pattinthehatt wrote in saucyhelp
I just finished painting the walls in my study aubergine, and the molding between the walls and floor a metallic gold. The floor itself was stained a dark shade - I'm not sure what to call it, but it would be a shade that fit into the colonial plantation look. The planks are wide, and feature wooden pegs and butterfly joinery.

I love dark, rich colors, and am not the least bit inclined to worry about natural light and so forth. A chandelier with a faux dark bronze patina and pretty crystals hangs from a white medallion in the center of the room. Bookcases line two of the walls - sadly, they are not pretty bookcases, but I'm working on that!

My dilemma involves the window and door moldings and the unfortunately stomped ceiling, all white. Leaving them white seems like something of an eyesore, but painting the door and window moldings, probably the same metallic gold as the base moldings, would seem to make the ceiling even more of a sore thumb. Doing anything about the stomping would be unattainably pricey, and simply painting it ... well ... I'm not sure it would work, and, even if I wanted to chance it, I haven't the faintest idea what color I would paint it.

In case it affects anyone's opinion, the house itself is a center hall colonial. I love the age of the house, the quirks that come from that age, and its ability to somehow combine a bit of grandeur with a feeling of coziness and warmth.

Any ideas about the crazy ceiling? Sadly, almost every room in the house has stomped ceilings. I know they probably did it in an effort to mask the uneveness that came both with the time period the house was built, and with the effects of aging on the structure, but we consider the stomping an eyesore.

ETA (on request)

This is the hobbit closet - I'm one of the few people over age ten who can get in without severely ducking - or stand up straight inside, for that matter!

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Pictures would help. Any chance of posting some?

I'm hesitant because I really did just finish painting and the room is a mess - things piled out of the way of the walls, none of the furniture in useful places, a drop cloth still hanging around ... but I can swallow my pride and go get a couple of pics. :o)

Right now, though, the internet is being cranky and I can't upload them. I did just go take them, but I can't get the upload program to work. So sorry. I will not forget your question, though!

Okay, I just went ahead and put them under a cut on the main entry. Can't figure out this photobucket issue. Again, forgive the ickity dust and clutter - it's not there when I haven't just painted!

Ah, but you didn't post the ceiling--and that's the part that I really need to see too.

I'm so sorry! I never dreamed for a second you meant the ceiling, because it's just one of the standard stomped ceilings. This one has a sort of flowery looking pattern.

I think I'd go with something in the mustard family for the doors and windows, with a paler mustard on the ceiling. But it might not work for you.

I would try to explain it, but I think it'll be less confusing if you google it. Then you can look at pics, too, if you like. It's a texturizing medium, sort of like popcorn, but not as easy to get rid of. I'm sure some people think it's attractive, but we find it off-putting.

Ah, I see. It's like sponge painting, only in 3D.

Also, ugh. Is it all cracked yet? I have an 1890s house and the popcorn ceilings put in by ?? are actually falling off in places, they're so unable to cope with the movements of an old house.

Of course we all know tv can be very misleading, but I've seen people just scrape off popcorn with metal tools. Have you tried? Is that a thing they make look doable but it's really not?

I don't think the stomping has cracked anywhere, but it's so freaking ugly anyway. I know people do it in older houses - and the popcorn thing, too - in hopes of masking uneven ceilings and such. I'd rather see the uneven ceiling!

So, depending on how deep the stomping is, you should be able to paint over it without too much problem. In fact, a "dry brush" approach might give you a really nice effect of catching the raised portion of the stomping in color, while leaving the lower areas while.

As for color...with Aubergine and gold as the main colors in the room so far, I'd likely go with either a paler version of the Aubergine ("thin" the color with white or something similar) or match the staining on the floor with a paint (this is more attractive to my brain's eye if you use the dry brush method ;>). Applying gold in a drybrush style would be harder, as my experience with gold paint is that it's harder to control (really gold, not just interesting yellow) - possibly because of what's involved with making it really gold...

Regarding the color of the ceiling, I'm thinking along lines similar to those of twilight2000, but quite possibly paler. I think I'd add just the teensiest bit of aubergine to the white paint for the ceiling so it looks white without looking glaringly white and also without looking obviously tinted.

I wish I had a practical and easy answer to the stomping, but I don't. (I still have vinyl stucco stalactites to get off the ceiling from the previous owner's decorating project.)

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