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Bedding help!
thedaywefell wrote in saucyhelp

I am soon moving into a new bedroom! I have a full sized bed, currently done in brown and teal (I don't particularly like it..but meh). The walls are slllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiightly offwhite, the carpet is beige. I am going to (eventually) do my furniture in this set/color

1) it needs to come in a set

2) it needs to be fairly cheap

3) It needs to not be too heavy

I am afraid of choosing something too harsh or too dark or something too childish that I will feel like I've grown out of after a month or two. I like prints like this:

Alas, these are all too expensive. I am looking into these:

I am looking for more suggestions, as well! I am trying not to go over $100 with shipping/sheets/shams.

I am also looking for a cheap headbord!

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