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Might change room into office, craft/creativity room
____skinnyjeans wrote in saucyhelp
The room I'm thinking about changing into an office slash creativity/craft room used to be my bedroom.
This is at my parents house: I'm not allowed to paint the room or even put up nails. My parents rules :(
I'm thinking of turning it into an office because the perfect amount of light goes into this room so I'm more productive. I don't know the exact dimensions of the room as I don't have a tape measure with me right now. I drew a picture of it on paint (not exactly accurate) and took some photos. The room is just carpet. and I've been trying to find sites for inspiration and what not. room is kind of a mess right now lol.

Any ideas what I should do????

entrance from the hallway

kinda overhead

furthest corner

thanks so much! hope the photos dont' kill your computer :/

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What's your budget? And existent pieces of furniture you have to work with?

Office/creativity craft room pretty vague... What exactly do you want to do in it? Scrapbook, knit, sew? Schoolwork?

school work, reading, knitting, sewing and music.

I have a table that's big enough for me to put my school work and laptop but I don't have any bookshelves or anything.

For sewing you probably want a big table to layout and cut on that folds up. Something like this? I don't know where you'll put your machine, is your machine table-top or in its own cabinet?

For reading and knitting you'll probably want a sitting chair with an ottoman.

For music, looks like you already have the piano in there. Where'd the bench go? :)

It freaked me out when I saw your 3rd picture, I swear we have the same house! That room - exactly like mine (which coincidentally is my office/craftroom/guestroom)! Angled wall, closet in the same spot, my walls were that color when we bought the house, same molding, same door handles... omg, freaked! :P

In my room, my desk is big enough so that if I clear off my laptop and desk stuff (pen holder, envelopes, etc), I can place my sewing machine on it, paint, or measure materials on it. I bought a tall cheap bookcase and short cheap bookcase at Walmart which houses school materials (I am in college) on the small one, and books, small tv, decorations on the tall one. I installed shelves on one side of the closet to house materials, current projects, and guest towels/toiletries.

You have some serious amount of essence/energy around you (the orbs)......(just an off topic observation)

does it mean it's haunted?

Those aren't orbs. Those are dust motes. If you use flash indoors, that can happen. It's a very common phenomenon, and rarely, if ever, anything other than natural in origin, despite what many online ghost-hunters may say.

Some say that - yes. Others still say no. Each his or her opinion.

However I was on a team with a total of 10 different cameras types were used. 1 person, sat in the edge of a room, took 20 pics with each camera over a 5 minute period. (nobody in room other than him).

Then one of us each - went stood in the room - same drill. (10 different participants)

All prints were developed or digital

All prints were compared.

5 had NO or very few obs.

4 folks had a significant orbs and of all sizes. (I was in this group and yes I do believe I have a lot of essence/energy around me, and so do others who know me)

1 person had so many we made the joke how can they sleep.

I know of several other groups who have performed the same experiment.

However, I doubt these photographs -- given that they are of a room that seems to be in a state of disrepair in general -- are orb photographs, regardless of the possibility of the phenomenon. Just because one may take orb photographs does not mean that all photographs containing motes of dust must be orbs. Especially in rooms where there are multiple possible sources of light -- the windows, the fairy lights, and a camera flash -- and where the possibility for dust appears to be high. While there are claims that orbs in pictures are spirit photography, just as many people have debunked the phenomenon. Troy Taylor, the president of the American Ghost Society, wrote an entire book on spirit photography, and spent a great deal of time debunking the phenomenon. Orbs are largely a phenomenon of digital cameras and higher ISOs, and while some of them are legitimate manifestations of the paranormal, most of them are not.

Either way, it seems an unkind thing to suggest to someone that they have energy or ghost issues in their home when one has not been in the home to observe the state of the place, or to observe the conditions under which the photographs were taken. Most commonly, orb photographs are of dust, insects, pollen, moisture, or other particle, caught by the flash and rendered as what can be mistaken for orbs. Please don't alarm the OP that they have something paranormal in the house when the mundane explanation -- dust motes -- is a simpler and more likely one.

I don';t particularly subscribe to the term haunted. I have a ton around me and its just noisy to times...others just feel I am very vibrant.

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