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Painting a "Big Boy" Room
jamie_marie wrote in saucyhelp
We are moving this weekend. Our son Ezra will be three in April and I'm really excited about creating his "big boy" room! There's no theme going on, just a mish-mash of things that we enjoy. I guess the more prominant colors are navy and red, with others mixed in.

Everything is packed up, so I don't have any actual photos. I've done some googling though to give you an idea of what will be in there.

This twin trundle bed:
This bedding (without the sports sheets and pillow)
A red Ikea dresser (it doesn't look as bright in person)
This wall art, which I *think* will go above the dresser
This Etsy banner, though I have no idea where to put it.
A white Expedit shelf and white Ikea ledges to hold books (similar to the ones in this photo)
This print in navy
Next to this print (both in brown wooden frames)
Lastly, this chair to read his books in:

I'd love to hear what color you think would look good on the walls. It's a small room (10x11?) so I don't want anything too dark. I think beige is a safe choice, but I've also been thinking about a light yellow. I'm open to anything. TIA!

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