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Backsplash help!
crassy wrote in saucyhelp
I need to do something about my kitchen, and that includes a backsplash. I am really not keen on tiles and was thinking about some sort of stainless steel sheet. There are shelves going up beside the fridge and beside the pantry leaving me a space of 155cmx121cm in the middle.

I am thinking it may be too much stainless steel with the fridge and fixtures. Anyone have any ideas of what I can do here...cheaply?

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The cheapest? A coat of paint to accent the wall. Maybe chalkboard paint so you can write things?

Or perhaps a mirrored backsplash:

I would love to do blackboard paint. My husband is firmly against it. :(

I saw a chalkboard paint backsplash somewhere recently and it looked awesome!

I've checked both of those. The first is an option but not the second as I have a gas hob.

I love those so much...they are $100/panel here. :(

Lowes carries a faux tin ceiling paintable wallpaper. It's around $20 a roll and $7 for a can of aluminium paint. I did our backsplash in it and everyone thinks it's tin until they touch it. It's held up very well too.

Yeah, I've seen it on a lot of American sites, but to get it in Australia it is stupid expensive. I looked at import, but the shipping + duty costs were outrageous.

How about a piece of art? I got some stamped metal 8" squares and hung them on my stove backsplash (or whatever you call it when it's a stove instead of a sink). I got 'em cheap at an outlet store, and they can be wiped clean, and if you gave them (or some other art) a good coat of sealer it should work.

Or get on Pinterest and waste a day spend some time looking at kitchen shots for inspiration. (I know it says you need an invite, but I just signed on via facebook and was on.)

I love the chalkboard idea, but if you do it, cover the wall with roof flashing in a magentic material first. That kitchen looks like it might not have tons of storage space. You would be able to put up art, write recipies on the wall, store spices, the list goes on and on. There are all sorts of wonderful magnetic things you could mount to the wall and make it both decorative and very functional.

Definitely think the quickest and cheapest is a little color in there.
I saw a really neat article recently where they used mirrors as a backsplash. While cool, I know that I'd definitely get lazy at wiping it off. But maybe if you frosted it or something, might be kinda neat...

What about a penny backsplash, like this accent wall?

If you did it lying flat on a pre-cut piece of wood you could even pour a layer of epoxy over it to seal it. I did that with a table and it worked great. Somewhat time-consuming, but not too bad in cost. The pennies, obviously, and the epoxy (bar top) is about $20 or so here in the US. I think the copper metallic would accent all the other metal in your kitchen well. :)

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