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Opinions on refinishing my new MCM credenza (now with in-progress pics, need help deciding on knobs)
redlotus13 wrote in saucyhelp
Hi folks!  I just scored this sweet MCM credenza at a thrift store for... wait for it... $24!!  It needs some love, though.
 I need to sand it down and refinish it, and I'm wondering if I should go for a darker stain (like a dark walnut or mahogany) or for more of a warm, golden tone (like teak).  I'm not actually sure what kind of wood it is, to be honest, so any feedback on that is welcome.  Also, I want to do something different with the knobs but I'm not sure what would look good.  I want to keep it MCM in style, but do something a bit more interesting than the tiny little pull knobs that are there now.  I'd sort of like to put the pulls/knobs on the sides of the doors rather then the top center, but I've never tried to fill a knob hole and stain/varnish it before - would that look obvious/crappy?  Do I need to just find knobs to put in the same place as the existing ones, or can I try filling the holes and placing knobs along an edge of the doors?  Any suggestions on knobs/pulls?  Anything else you guys would do with this?  I am NOT going to paint it, just to be clear - that's not something that I'm at all considering.  I'm interested in refinishing tips/ideas that will showcase the lovely wood.  It gets delivered tomorrow (yay!) and I'm eager to get to work on it, so lets hear your thoughts!

Also, any ideas on a maker/year/worth?  There's no maker mark and I can't seem to find this bad boy anywhere online, so any insight into its origins would be greatly appreciated!



PS: Sorry about the not-so-great pics - I had to snap them with my phone in the store before I left.


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