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Shabby Chic bed linens and terranium help?
dame_n_doortune wrote in saucyhelp
I'm looking for a variety of bed linens like these:

......except with the crazy price! Any idea where online to find flowery barn bed cozy sheets?!?!

Also, I have these 2 terrariums from Anthropologie
and want to know what to do with them. I don't have
the slightest idea how to arrange, what is best
or even where to start! HELP MEH!

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I have no ideas, but I want to thank you for posting that picture. I saw those terrariums in a magazine last month and have been looking for them everywhere!

they sold out, but keep your eye out!

Yep. Just googled for it and the only thing that came up for Anthropologie was a hanging terrarium that costs $1450! I don't want one that badly. :)

You'll want to put them where they get a lot of indirect light. If you put them in direct sunlight, such as in front of a large south-facing window -- too much heat can build up quickly and bake (or steam) the plants.

Maybe a more SFW user icon would be appropriate when posting in a community? We're getting complaints, please change it. Thnx.

LOLOLOL. Fine, I feel sorry for people that are so offended by something so insignificant.
Life must be very hard for them.


It wouldn't be the Internet if someone didn't get offended! THINK OF THE CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLDRENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN :D

I wasn't browsing LJ when you had up whatever icon you were using before, but if it's either of the ones that caught my eye on your icons page, I laughed pretty darn hard. But you know, community rules and all that fun stuff. :)

Thank you for posting those terrariums. I've been really interested in them (don't have any terrariums of any sort myself, so I don't have any helpful advice there) and hadn't seen those ones before. A shame they're sold out....

Apparently there is a buttphobe on LJ. If their work is so anal (heh heh) I doubt their even supposed to be on the internet.

I bet you can find them on eBay. Just do a "save search".


Figure it out, kiddies: there was recently a big hullabaloo at Target about breast-feeding moms: some of the other customers were offended. It's natural, it's normal (in a lot of cultures, anyway) and the babies were hungry. It's not as though their mothers were intentionally flashing the rest of the people in the store.

Possibly whatever objections were expressed to the mods had to do with folks who, although they might be permitted at their jobs to surf the internet before or after official work hours on their work pcs, or during their lunch breaks, want to keep their jobs.
And it might be that they, themselves, aren't the problem: it might be that their co-workers aren't as liberal-minded or laid back as you are. It might be that management in their place of employment isn't as laid back or liberal-minded as you are, and it could also be company policy which a department head or a manager has to uphold in order to keep their job.
Before I changed fields, my then-employer permitted us little worker bees to use the pcs, which had internet capability (not all workplaces do; others I'd worked at in my former field did not) on the internet---but no sex, no porn, nothing even in bad taste.
They didn't want possible lawsuits, and they certainly didn't want to alienate visiting clients on whom we depended for our corporate income.
So, employers can be generous with their employees as far as the internet goes, and still insist on running a tight, if uptight, ship.

And by the way, if you think it's so okay, just try it: walk around in public in the physical, actual, real world with your genitals and your breasts covered (whether you're male or female, you do have them) but your butts devoid of clothing and painted up, and see whether or not complaints get made: to you, to your families about you, or to the police. Most communities---real life communities, whether they're the work place or the neighborhood or the official municipality in which you live---restrict such things.

It would be interesting to see how well received you'd be in, say, the local coffee shop: I'd like to be there to hear you argue, "But I'm wearing a shirt, and I'm wearing shoes, and I'm even wearing jeans that just happen to have the seat and the backs of the legs cut away, so you can't deny me service."
They would deny you, though, despite the sign on the door: they don't want your bare backsides, with or without body paint, on the banquettes or the counter stools.
And neither do the other customers.

Or even better, don't screw around on the internet while using company equipment and on company premises using company equipment.

No one will ever convince me doing personal stuff on company time-equipment-premises isn't the same as stealing office supplies. I seldom was offended by anything at work except my coworker futzing around doing personal stuff then trying to dump her work on me because Junior's soccar game was that afternoon and she "Just don't have time to do ALL THIS WORK" after spending half the day on Facebook and Twitter.

ANYWAY...I have no clue what a barn bed is, but go over and look at the LL Bean bedding sale. I saw some floral flannel sheets that are kinda similar to the link you posted today when I was looking for pillows. I've used LL Bean sheets for years, and they're very well made, so even though they are more than you'd pay at Target, etc., they last a lot longer and feel better, too.

thanks! will check that out!

Man those are gorgeous. I tell you, if I were you, I'd just take 'em to a florists and ask them to take care of it. It'll probably cost a fair chunk but if it dies you have someone you can blame it on/complain to/possibly get to fix it for free.

I don't know if it's feasible this time of year, but I have also always found that the people who work in the gardening/plant sections are always super helpful and informative, even if you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

I was thinking of going to one, but didn't know if I was just being lazy!

What lazy!? It's a serious issue and you are enlisting a professional. It's the only responsible thing to do.

Because, to me, it looks like one of those things that can be really easy or really hard.
I have no idea what I'm doing, so I'll talk to my friend who works at a florist!

I made them on Mother's Day with my mom and just used this book from the library called The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature by Tova Martin.

I also did a bit of googling and went to a local garden shop to get the supplies. It's pretty easy and fun to do.

checking out that book! thanks!

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