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on with the sauce
sybylle wrote in saucyhelp

My boyfriend an i moved in to our first "real" apartment this spring. Soon we've lived here for one year, and the sauce is no near seen. It's a great bright apartment, which big open areas and a great view but it's hard to decorate.

We have beautiful, old saloon-like furniture but the way they are set now just looks temporary and weird.

I made a drawing over the apartment which you can find underneath this cut, along with some images of the furniture we've got.



ignore the awful wallpapers (they were there when we moved in) and ignore the ugly chair + crap laying around. I sure do hope it's okay to post these not-so-very-saucy pictures here, since it is the help-group and i indeed am in great need of help here.

Why i only posted pictures from the living room/kitchen is because that's the one room we have the biggest issues with. the two other rooms will settle when we know how to deal with to main-room.

i'm thinking of painting the walls either mint green or white in the living room, since both my boyfriend and i want to keep the bright feeling it has.
as for the other two rooms, the smaller one is the one we now uses as bedroom. it has two ugly standar closets but these you can move and we are to move em up the the attic.
the bigger room is for the moment housing our TV, a bookshelf and my boyfriends desk with computer. it lso has a big couch, which is comfy but not really the most beautiful piece AND really a ittle to big for us.

i'm thinking of selling the sofa, put our bed where the sofa is, so that the tv on it's sideboard is in front of it and leave the other furniture in that room as they are. All the furniture in the tv-room are from the series "Markör" from IKEA, and sice there are only one window in the room, it gets kind of dark and rustic. this makes me want to paint the walls dark green; the walls has now got an even more horrible wallpaper than the one in the living room.

making the tv-room into a bed room will leave the former bed room really empty (no shit?) This isn't really a problem since i want to make that room a reading/boudoir/crafting/writing-room. I paint and draw alot, and i also like to sew and write, but right now i haven't got any space where i can do that; nor a desk for the purpose. so i'm emplaying to make the smaller room a crafty room. perhaps putting the chaiselounge in there and find us a small tea-table, perhaps a soft chair and then i can craft in there and my boyfriend can snuggle down the chaiselounge with a good book.

 Oh well, this turned out to be one big post. hope someone manage to read the whole thing. I'm looking forward to help with how to put the furniture in a way that doesn't look clumsy and such.

Happy hollydays to you all.
xo xo F.Klein

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i love your furniture, especially that couch. the set-up right now definitely does look "temporary looking", but i think you could fix that if you decided on a theme or feel for the room. right now all those white walls and bare floors feel very cold/stark to me, so i wouldn't go the mint green route.

when i see your "saloon-like" furniture, it makes me think of warm tones. but the white walls and the dark blue curtains and blue rug are very cool/stark/modern, and it just seems like all the pieces in the room are at odds with each other.

i personally like a room to feel cozy, so if these were my awesome furniture pieces, i'd paint the walls a warm shade and get new curtains and a new rug in complementary shades. (so, for example, warm -but still pale- yellow walls and ruby red curtains and rug.)
and i can't really see, but it looks like you've got a lot of houseplants. painting their pots (or buying new ones in) complementary colors will also help tie the room together.

on the other hand, if you'd rather go the sleek/stark/modern route, i'm no help to you at all. i understand that millions of people prefer it, but it makes me feel like i'm living in a museum. :)

I would switch the room almost directly across. The sofa would be better under the large painting against the wall -- the window behind it breaks up the lovely shape and makes it look kind of odd. Then I would move the large sideboard (currently to the right of the sofa) to where the sofa currently is, and bring your dining area over to the right, in front of the windows. Then you could put your TV arrangement across from the sofa and not suffer from window-glare when you're trying to watch TV. I'm not sure about paint colors, but dark green sounds wrong in my head. There was a time when everyone was painting their walls a "hunter green" and I think that time has passed -- maybe something more toward a lighter green-gold? It would be warmer.

Love your furniture, and the apartment is gorgeous. I'm sure whatever you do will turn out very nice in that space.

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