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"Refinishing" foil over particleboard Ikea furniture
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summerrose wrote in saucyhelp
Does anyone know whether it's possible to paint or "refinish" (quotes because the original finish isn't really real) Ikea furniture that's foil over particle board? I really love the Hopen Bed - my boyfriend has one and the headboard is at just the right angle to sit up in bed. However, they've stopped selling it in Birch Effect, and I am not a Medium Brown or Oak Effect sort of person.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not that crazy about sleeping on something made out of "Particleboard, Foil, ABS plastic", but like I said above, I really like the slanted headboard. Does anyone know of anywhere that makes beds like that or do you have ideas about how I could make a platform bed with a slanted back like that? We're pretty handy, so that might be an option.

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Your boyfriend has one, can't you look at how his one is put together?

Well yes, but how Ikea puts together mass-produced particle board beds is probably different than how I'd want to put together a bed out of wood from the lumberyard, especially since I don't care about keeping any aspects of the design of the Ikea bed besides the slanted headboard.

My guess would be that the bottom end of the headboard is not square but in fact trimmed at an angle so it can be bolted on that way. That's the only "design" feature that matters, really. There are squillions of sites with platform bed plans.

Oh, that's a clever idea for making the headboard slant! I'll have to ask my boyfriend to take a peek at his and tell me whether it looks like that.

Yes, you can paint over foil over particle board. Use a paint specifically designed to adhere to plastics. Plastic paint Krylon spray bombs are available in most paint departments. Be aware that spray bombing a bed is a Big Project, and you will need to wear a mask and drape everything in sight in protective wraps (think spray booth). Alternatively, check melamine primer and paint specs to see if they will adhere to plastic. You don't need to protect quite as many surfaces when you use a brush or a roller.

I would not spray paint something this size! It would be an exercise in futility to get it all evenly coated.

I would roll the paint on instead. Use a high-adhesion primer and a foam roller for a smooth surface. Then if you're really feeling facy faux-paint on the wood grain.

I actually did this with bookcases just last week. I made faux wenge wood out of foil over particle board faux oak.

First I sanded lightly with a palm sander, then I painted with Bullet primer (stickes to anything), then I painted the base coat (a dark mahogany brown), and then a glaze of black which I used the wood graining tool on. They look fantastic - I'd post proof, but I just sent the film to be developed (lol).

It can be done with most excellent results!

can you post a picture? I am doing a faux finish on a bathroom vanity that is particle board and would love to know the brand of the product(s) you used. Thanks!

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