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Makes two of us :> Pictures when I get done!

decoupaged counters... that sounds amazing.
someone please do this and take pictures!

Oooh! Thanks for posting this. I was planning to tile our counters, and was thinking I had to peel up the laminate and/or replace the actualy countertop... Who knew I could just SAND.... (!)

I've painted kitchen counters and a bathroom floor using the technique Lowell described--in fact, I may have heard it from him, ages ago. They looked great and held up very well.

My only caveat is that if you're going to paint kitchen counters, you'll have to use trivets under anything hot (including serving bowls, not just pots and pans) and be sure to wipe up any water or other liquids (as they can leave a cloudy mark if they sit too long). Otherwise, it's a great cheap fix.

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