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The Middle Sue
Any ideas for stylishly incorporating a gaming computer set up into a living/dining area?

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Living Room Media wall help...
Hello! We live in a tiny apartment and we're trying to redo things a little to not only look nicer but to feel roomier and more organized. I really need some help with trying to figure out a relatively cheap solution to this wall.

We're thinking about removing the book cases- putting Cd's in a book and also removing the media cabinet. In theory we would like to wall mount the TV but that also means trying to figure out a place for the stereo + speakers and xbox. I'm also not sure what the wall is going to look like with just the TV on it and the heater on it. It would be nice to have a floating cabinet or something similar so there wasn't anything on the floor.

I am open to ANY inspiration photos, ideas and suggestions. I'm an artist so I am good at retrofitting things but have a pretty limited budget. Please help. I'm officially pulling my hair out with trying to figure out how better to lay our apartment out.

Current set up...
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HELP! Room wide mantle
I need help with a room-wide mantle in a 70s-ish styled 20's house.
Pic and description behind cut.

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Alternatives to futon
Hello, as the title says, I'm looking for ideas on how I might replace my futon. The replacement needs to serve a dual role as "living room couch" and "place for guests to sleep". The primary guest is my mother-in-law, so it has to be reasonably comfortable to sleep on. We have a very heavy coffee table, so typical sleeper sofas (where it opens forward to create the sleeping surface) wouldn't work because they'd require the table to be moved. Are there any non-futon options that could fit these requirements? There's nothing wrong with the futon other than being ugly and college-y.

Room dividing curtain thing?
So, my fiance and I are moving into a bigger townhome and it's pretty awesome! My fiance was hoping that we could turn one of the rooms into a shared office... HOWEVER, I'm not really liking the idea of sharing an office. Mostly because I'm very much a minimalist, and I hate seeing mess or clutter... or doodads. And yeah... you guessed it, my fiance is ALL about what he calls "comfortable clutter.

Anyway, I was thinking of just turning my walk-in closet into my office/work space, but he thinks it would seem tacky and unfair since the room we're turning into an office is pretty big. I don't mind the "disparity," but he seems to feel hurt that I don't want to share an office with him.

So, I think I've come up with a way to make both of us happy, but I need advice on how to pull it off!

I want to set up one of those L-shaped curtain room-divider thingys?

Something like this:
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Anyone know of how to go about doing something like that on a slightly bigger scale? Anyone know of where I can find a tutorial? Or what tools I'll need?

OR! Does anyone have a better idea?

Drowning in floral
My bedroom is relatively small, a little odd shaped (sloped ceiling and a window seat), and has a furnace cover that takes up a bit of space. This all wouldn't be too bad if my wall weren't covered it floral fabric. My room is completely upholstered in pink floral fabric which I thought was super cool when we moved in, but after 9 months, I'm sick of it. We rent the house so it can't be removed. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to detract from all the pink? Below is a small image of the fabric, I'll try to get better pictures of what I'm working with later on when there's more light.

Photo on 11-29-12 at 10.38 PM

Bedroom Help
So I'm looking at rearranging my furniture in my room.  I'm still living at home at 27 (stupid job market) so I'm trying to make this room feel more... adult than when I first moved into the room at age 16.  My room is oddly shaped due to being in the older part of our home (we have an addition to the house that is fairly new.  And by fairly new I mean about 20yrs old compared to the 50+yrs old my house actually is).  I have 3ft walls and slanted ceilings which annoys me because I can't hang pictures on my walls.  And the areas I can only has minimal space.  I'd prefer not to repaint the walls (minus some touch-ups due to the furniture rubbing against the walls) as I do really enjoy falling asleep under the stars.

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If anyone can help, that would be wonderful. :)  Thank you

Boring Livingroom
celeb - smg
Can I get a fresh perspective on my main living room wall? It just seems so boring and uninspired. I like all the pieces/colors but putting them together is causing difficulties. I'm ok with adding shelves/some extra things as long as the bones of it don't change.

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I can post more pics but I didn't want to clutter up the post with them unless they're needed. Any ideas?

Window boxes
Two Women
I would love to hang window boxes full of pretty flowers outside my windows, but all the boxes/baskets I'm seeing have to be screwed to the house. I really don't want to drill into my brick exterior. Any ideas on how to attach them otherwise?

buying art.
Hi everyone-

i am in the process of buying art for my baby's nursery. i have found a few sellers on etsy with super cute stuff i love. I am planning to purchase a set of 3 photographs from one seller of a carnival theme. all will be 8xN. they will be 8x10 or possibly 8x12 depending on the photograph dimensions.

I have also picked out two really cute animal portraits from another that are also 8x10.

am i at risk of being too matchy matchy with two sets of art?

is it too weird to have so much stuff all with similar dimensions? I was planning to frame the carnival stuff all the same, and going a little more eclectic and fun for the animal prints.




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